The school has been designed to allow “a world class education” to take place both inside and outside of the classroom where teachers and students can work with each other. There will be state-of-the-art facilities in the science labs and technology workshops, alongside food and textile rooms, dance and music studios.

The school had been designed with light and space as key design features. We want students to sit in the courtyard or the dining hall or the library and be able to access their homework, revise or simply sit and read. These open areas will encourage staff and students to rest and work together.

The curriculum, ethos and vision of the school will be based upon the successful formula of the boys’ school but tailored to the needs of girls to ensure that they are prepared for the world of work and able to face the challenges ahead of them. We want to empower our girls to be successful and resilient in order to know how to cope with success but also know how to deal with set-backs and turn these to their advantage.

The pastoral care at the school will emulate the outstanding system at the boys’ school and will be driven by experience alongside new ideas and innovation. We aim to create an ethos of support and encouragement in order to allow our students to succeed both academically and personally. As well as academic qualifications, we want every student to gain the essential skills of perseverance, organisation, kindness and leadership, in order to aid their development into well rounded and successful individuals. We will support them with any difficulties that they may have and believe that every student can thrive in the safe and happy environment that we endeavour to create.

Success will be measured, not only through academic achievement, but also through arts, dance and sport and, just as importantly, community accomplishments. We are convinced that every student will be successful in a number of ways.

This is an exciting time for girls in Greenwich to be given this opportunity to participate in creating a legacy for future generations. We are great believers in success breeding success and that every girl who walks through our doors will flourish, both personally and academically.

If you are interested in finding out more about this school, please do come along to one of our information events. We are looking forward to hearing your suggestions and ideas, as well as answering your questions.

The Poly Girls’ Team

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